Fedora 9 Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-3000 DVB-T Howto

Here’s a long
tutorial, I worked on it approx 1day. tried on Gentoo and Fedora,
Gentoo was unsuccessful but Fedora, I think the reason is Gentoo uses
latest vanilla kernel, it conflicts with v4l-dvb.Here we go, i
just make all things simple for u to follow up. so just follow all
steps, u will get this TV card work successfully.

Mine is Fedora 9 x86_64 with kernel

# yum install mercurial
# mkdir /linuxtv
# cd /linuxtv
# hg clone -r 7285 http://linuxtv.org/hg/v4l-dvb
# cd v4l-dvb
# wget http://dev.kewl.org/hauppauge/sfe-7285.diff
# patch -p1 < *fe-7285.diff

compile and install modules (I didnt configure the modules)

# make
# make install

install mythtv

# sudo yum install mythtv (about 158MB)

Single Frontend Diff (sfe)

Now all you need to do is edit /etc/modprobe.conf to have

This option will load the DVB-S/S2 frontend and is
the default:

options cx88-dvb frontend=0

This option will load the DVB-T frontend:
options cx88-dvb frontend=1

# modprobe cx88_dvb

install dvb-apps package

# sudo yum install dvb-apps.x86_64

check whether your card works
# scandvb /usr/share/dvb-apps/dvb-t/uk-EmleyMoor > channels.conf

copy channels.conf file into ~/.mplayer folder
and try this (this step doesnt work for me, but it isnt meant doesnt work on yours.)
# mplayer dvb://0@’TV1‘ (your channel)

enable mysql
# sudo /etc/init.d/mysqld start

Create an account (i left blank to password, if u wanna set one, its up to u)
# mysql -u root mysql
mysql> UPDATE user SET Password=PASSWORD(”) WHERE user=’root’;
mysql> quit

create the MythTV database
$ mysql -u root -p < /usr/share/doc/mythtv-docs-0.21/database/mc.sql
Enter password: (mine is no password, if u set one, then type it in)

also make one database for user, and put user to mythtv and mysql groups respectively.
# gpasswd -a user mythtv (user is your userID)
# gpasswd -a user mysql (user is your userID)

in /etc/my.cnf under the [mysqld] section improve performance with both MythTV (especially in the GUI) and MythWeb:
key_buffer = 16M
table_cache = 128
sort_buffer_size = 2M
myisam_sort_buffer_size = 8M
query_cache_size = 16M

and then setup your card with, Do not enable mythtvbackend while you run mythtvsetup
# mythtvsetup

mythtvbackend only uses when you open mythtvfrontend
#sudo /etc/init.d/mythtvbackend start


Setup in programme

img176/8936/screenshotgh5.png img176/6941/screenshot5ai5.png
img169/9489/screenshot1ix0.png img84/8360/screenshotdg8.png
img137/6165/screenshot3oz7.png img526/4290/screenshot1hs0.png



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