Live Space Mover

User Guide

  1. Install Python runtime and Beautiful Soup. There are 2 combinations tested by me:
    1. Python Runtime 2.5.2 and Beautiful Soup 3.0.6
    2. Python Runtime 2.5.1 and Beautiful Soup 3.0.4 and a small fix in note 1

    Place the file in the same directory of, or install it into Python runtime by yourself

  2. Download the newest release zip from the hosted page, extract it. (Older versions may become unusable because of the HTML changes of Live Space).
  3. Change your live space settings
    1. Make sure it is open to anyone (not only to your contacts)
    2. Set time zone to the same with your wordpress blog
    3. Set date format to yyyy/mm/dd, or mm/dd/yyyy. This probably depends
      on the locale setting of your system or browser, the point is to make
      the “YEAR” appear in your date. If the program fails and complains
      about date parsing, try to use the option -t to specify date time
      format. For example, the time on my space is shown like “9:45 PM”, but
      if your time is shown like “9:45:15 PM”, you may want to use a command
      line like below

      python -s -t "%m/%d/%Y %I:%M:%S %p"

      An introduction for the time format parameters are available here.

    4. Set “Blog entry date display” to “Show the blog entry date in the header”
    5. From some users’ feedback, I noticed themes of live space differ
      slightly in structure, which may lead to failure of this program. So
      please change your live space theme to “Journey” (the same as my experiment space).
  4. Run the script. In Windows, open the command
    line (win+R, enter “cmd” and return), change to the directory (use
    “c:”/”d:” to change disk, use “cd” command to change directory, please
    google it for help if need) of, run command like

    python -s

    Replace the example parameter with your own. This will generate an XML
    file named “export_xxxxx.xml” in the same directory of this script,
    which is in WordPress export file format.
  5. Use the import function in WordPress to import the XML file
    generated in the last step, remember to choose “WordPress” type in the
    import page, rather than “LiveJournal” or something else.

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