solution for missing XOAP “link” parameter in request

missing XOAP "link" parameter in request

seems doesnt want unregistered people grab infomation from the
website anymore, so all you need to do is visit this website and sign
up, after registering, you will get an email about Partner ID & License Key from, once you got your ID and Key, you could fix your problem then, I am using conky weather, so i have two files: weather.xslt, if you are lucky using the same app as mine, then it is simple to fix the problem,

find the line about
Change it like this format*&dayf=5&link=xoap&prod=xoap&par=[PartnerID]&key=[LicenseKey]

thats it!

have a look @ here!8E521DBC85C3EC23!916.entry


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