Steps to update Right Encoding extension

Encoding Version 0.2.2 does not work in the latest Thunderbird,
changing its "maxVersion" in "install.rdf" will solve this problem,
below are the steps. 1. download the current version Right-Encoding
extension to your local disk (that is, right click your mouse button,
choose "Save Link As…" in the popup menu, then choose a folder to
place this file).
2. open this extension file in winzip (that is, run winzip, click its
"open" button to locate the downloaded file
"right_encoding-0.2.2-fx+tb.xpi", you will see a file called
"install.rdf"). 3. select the file "install.rdf", then click the "view"
button on winzip panel, choose notepad or wordpad as viewer, it will
open "install.rdf" to edit, you will find a line reading "1.5.0.*",
which is the reversed last 5th line ignoring the empty lines, change
"1.5.0.*" to "2.0.0.*", then save the file "install.rdf" by clicking
the save button or pressing Ctrl+S, close notepad or wordpad, winzip
will prompt a message box, asking whether to update the archive or not,
click on "yes" to confirm this change. now you updated the Right
Encoding extension. 4. open Thunderbird, click on Tools–>Add-ons,
uninstall the old version of Right Encoding if you have it, then
install the updated extension file you just made, done.



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