solutions inside for os_check: 0x80280004

StarRel:!E3785B1281BBDA1!3406.entryError: os_check: 0x80280004”:


see this message because Windows Live products are not supported on
these version of Windows (but will work anyway).  This sort of thing
isn’t new, Messenger has been blocked from installing on some Windows versions before.

are two solutions you can take to solve this problem, depending on your
preference.  You can force your current version to keep working, or you
can force the latest version to install.   The choice is up to you.

Solution 1 – Forcing your current version to continue working

can continue to use your current version of Messenger by setting it
into Windows XP compatibility mode (yes, even on XP 64-bit).  Since the
instructions, paths, and shortcuts will change depending on which
Messenger and Windows version you’re using, I’ve created a quick
application you can run to make the necessary changes.

  1. Download msngrcompat.exe and run it
  2. Say Yes at the prompt make the changes
  3. Messenger will run a repair (this is normal and will only happen once) and then pop up

You can now sign in as per normal.  You will not need to run the msngrcompat.exe again.

Solution 2 – Forcing the latest version of Windows Live Messenger 2009 to install

the latest version of Windows Live Messenger will claim not to install
on your version of Windows, you can still install it.  You’ll just need
to download and run the following Microsoft Installer (MSI) files:

  1. Windows Live Messenger
  2. Windows Live Communications Platform
  3. Microsoft Visual Studio Runtime
  4. Microsoft Application Error Reporting (32-bit) or Microsoft Application Error Reporting (64-bit)
  5. Segoe UI Font

After this you’ll find Windows Live Messenger on the start menu.